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Location One Announces Virtual Residency Program

Location One Virtual Residency Project
Call for Participation
Submissions Deadline: May 1, 2008
Dates of Residency: June 1-November 4, 2008

Location One presents its first ever "Virtual Residency Project" in the form of a call to artists and other creative individuals with the express purpose of fostering collaboration and creativity across geographical expanses and areas of expertise around the topic of the 2008 US Presidential Election. The goal of this residency is to find 3 participants who are not necessarily physically proximate but who are willing to collaborate with other artists/engineers/scientists/writers/musicians/poets/activists to develop a project using such non-F2F (face to face) interfaces such as webcams, email, chat, video, blogs, Second Life, MIDI, skype, walkie-talkie, snail mail, radio or POTS (plain old telephone service), tin cans on string, or any other means of collaboration to develop a project that will be presented at Location One in the fall of 2008, in advance of the US Presidential election.

Though we will consider international residents, the theme of this inaugural residency is the 2008 Presidential Election and the buildup around this pivotal political event. The theme can be interpreted as broadly or as literally as the participants would like, the project will be developed collaboratively by the 3 individuals chosen for this residency project.

Location One will provide an area on its website where the project can develop publically through blogging, video, audio or other means.

Acceptable forms of Submission:
Please send CV, url or any materials to virtualresidency@location1.org by midnight May 1, 2008. Please include a few lines describing why you are interested in a collaborative virtual residency.

What kind of work should it be?
The project will be developed wholly by the participants. Location One can provide curatorial and technical assistance, but the final work will be created "offsite" or online. Online performance, remote music jam, streaming video, blogs, flash animations, radio transmissions, podcasts, Second Life theatre, iChat panel discussions, remote-controlled MIDI robot kittens acting out the debates are all examples of acceptable forms that the project may take. We are leaving the parameters intentionally broad in the hopes that it will elicit deeply creative responses to this topic.

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