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Heta Kuchka and Chen Ching-Yao

IRP Spring 2009 Exhibition
Heta Kuchka and Chen Ching-Yao
June 10-20, 2009
Opening reception: Wednesday, June 10 6-8pm
Free and open to the public

Location One is pleased to present new work by two current International Artists-in-Residence: Heta Kuchka, a Finnish video and installation artist based in Helsinki and Chen Ching-Yao, a Taiwanese photographer based in Taipei.

Kuchka will show "They Were All Wonderful", a video portrait of a woman who wants to be buried with the ashes of her dearly departed cats, as well as a series of drawings of elderly people called "Ghosts". During her time in New York, Kuchka has been able to visit a nursing home which has sparked in interest in working with elderly people to explore the link between senses and memory.

Chen Chin-Yao, explores his dual interests in global contemporary culture and food in a series of new photographs called "Restaurant". In them, Chen poses restaurant staff and his fellow diners in elaborate costumes that reflect the cuisine that is being served.

The exhibition will run June 10th through 20th with an opening reception on June 10th from 6-8pm.

Heta Kuchka, (born -74) is a Finnish-American visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Kuchka graduated from the Time and Space department in the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki in 2001. Her media is large scale color photography, video and installation. Kuchka was the Finnish Young Artist of the Year 2006. The purpose is to present young creative talent and to bring focus on contemporary Finnish art. Her solo show "Yours Truly" at the Helsinki City Art Museum and at the Tampere Art Museum was well received by the press and had 9 500 visitors. 2005-2008 Kuchka was a Committee of Acquisitions member at Kiasma, the Finnish Contemporary Art Museum where she had the possibility to influence the viewpoint of their future art collection. Kuchka's work until now has dealt with identity and communication, often emphasizing feminine viewpoints. Her subject matter combines autobiography, reality documentation and fiction about media, society and every day life. The emotional reaction of the viewer is often enhanced through contradiction and irony. Coincidence is essential to her working processes. Her latest exhibition "In Memory Of..." discussed death and focused on lonely people's position in a western welfare state which is praised for its social services.

Heta's residency at Location One is supported by FRAME, Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.

Born in 1978, Chen, Ching-Yao lives and work in Taipei where he earned his M.F.A from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2006. As an artist, his interest lies in detecting shifts in global contemporary culture by creating composite photographic and collage imagery that refer to Japanese history but are also imbued with the contemporary "Dojinshi" culture prank playing spirit of the modern generation. In his "Blossoming in the Backyard" photographic series begun in 2003, Chen Ching-Yao takes elements from Japanese soap operas and ancient costume dramas in which he plays the role of an imaginary cross-dressing geek in his "Backyard Flower Garden. In the more recent series "One Minute Ukiyoe Painting", the artist reproduces the distorted features of Kabuki actors traditionally painted by famous Japanese by wearing a stocking over his face.

Chen Ching Yao's work has been exhibited in various commercial and institutional venues in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korea.

Ching Yao's residency at Location One is supported by the YageoTech-Art Fellowship through the Asian Cultural Council.

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