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LOCATION ONE: art - talk - technology - music
LOCATION ONE: art - talk - technology - music
September 19th
7 pm
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*IMHO* (In My Humble Opinion) is a monthly artist interview series with Heather Wagner, Location One’s director of online exhibitions. This month, the featured artists are Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, the instigators of Crater New York: a Lunar Drawing Contest. They will discuss this work as well as past and future works, including their line of subversive pseudo-patriotic consumer goods, Pure Products. They started “The Pure Products of America Go Crazy” series 14 years ago, with the introduction of the original Bible Belt. Since then, the Pure Products of America has grown into a series of works that play with the role of politics in an age of marketing and consumerism.
Join us at 7pm on Wednesday, September 19 to talk about consumerism, rampant real estate over-development and the possibilities of lunar habitation.

Open House Wednesdays are FREE and supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


Drawing Contest Rounds are ongoing and run through September 22nd (see them livestreamed on our website or join in to the contest and come draw at a computer station or artist easel).
More information and ENTRY FORM on

In an open call, contestants will use a computer or pencil & paper to create a drawing of the moon, as it appears in the model installation at the center of the gallery. The winners, selected by a jury of artists, curators, realtors, celebrities, receive deeds to real estate on the moon.

Join us for the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday September 26th, from 6-9pm as our panel of judges (New York personalities, critics, curators, a real estate moghul and a rocket scientist) selects the winning entry and awards some deeds to lunar real-estate.

The proceedings and the work created is being shown simultaneously in Second Life, SLART Gallery, and live-streamed on Location One’s website.

Second Life

Second Life

26 Greene Street (between Grand and Canal St)
New York NY 10013 - tel. 212.334.3347
Subway: Canal Street stop on N,R,Q,W - 6 - A,C,E

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LOCATION ONE is a not-for-profit organization devoted to convergence between visual, performing and digital arts in a time of rapidly changing technology. We invite artists from different disciplines and from different countries to work in our studios. We ask them to experiment with the new technologies of artistic creation, interaction and delivery. We urge them to collaborate in creating new works and give them virtual Internet spaces and physical gallery space to exhibit the results. Our goals are to foster the creation of new work, new forms of expression, and new capabilities in artists, and to advance new awareness in all those we reach.