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October 11th at 7 pm

Thinking of Fautrier and Looking at Walls: Around the notion of poetic document

Location One is proud to present a special evening with artist Frank Lebovici.

This performative event is related to the “Low intensity conflicts” cycle developed by Leibovici over the last few years. His work pursues socio-political, historical, aesthetic and literary investigations into events that lead to relatively small human casualties (when compared to classic warfare), yet at the same time produce massive psychological effects on an international scale due to underlying complex symbolic manipulations.

Leibovici’s cross disciplinary practice is in large part motivated by the displacement of poetry as a traditional literary genre to its use as “zone of cross-references” whereby fluid modes of circulation are enabled between aesthetic, poetic and scientific disciplines.

Franck Leibovici was born in 1975 and lives in Paris. In 2006, his work was exhibited at Vega and Literaturhaus, Copenhagen; Konsthall, Malmo in Sweden (in collaboration with Ernesto Neto); Menagerie de Verre and Strip Film Festival, Paris and in Mexico, at the Colleccion Jumex. His written works are published by Al Dante, Paris, and he contributes regularly to experimental poetry publications and social science writings.

Leibovici’s current project involves bringing together texts by artists, poets and researchers around the notion of “poetic documents”, with contributors such as Bruno Latour (France), Rosangelo Renno, Maurizio Diaz and Walter Rieweg (Brazil), Armin Linke (Italy), and Christophe Hanna (France).

This event is FREE and is supported, in part, by public funds form the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

through Saturday November 4th (Tue-Sat 12-6pm)

The Road to Mount Weather
curated by Pieranna Cavalchini (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)

A three-channel moving image installation (15 minute loop). In the catalogue that accompanies the show the curator writes:  *It is a panoramic triptych that maps the condition of the American adolescent psyche through myriad scavenged images and a carefully calibrated soundtrack. The artist has roamed the Internet examining anxieties, phobias and obsessions, searching out subjects that often preoccupy internet surfers: conspiracy theories and surveillance.

[...] an open animation, susceptible to hugely varied critical perspectives and interpretations. It shakes us out of our complacency. In a mock epic journey through capitalist Hell, Evans creates a baffling cascade of imagery coded in complex syntax. [...] With each repeated viewing, the viewer becomes more intrigued, less complacent, finding new associations and symbols, and questioning the final meaning of the narrative.*

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