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Virtual Residency Project

Location One Virtual Residency Project 2.0
"Levels of Undo"
May 15–August 15, 2009

Location One is happy to announce the start of its Virtual Residency Project 2.0 which will run May 15 through August 15, 2009 and culminate in a project to be presented at Location One in the Fall of 2009. Due to the overwhelming number of wildly, impressively talented applicants, we decided to select four artists (as opposed to the originally advertised two) to take part in the project. It was an incredibly difficult task even to choose four, so applicants who weren't selected this time are strongly encouraged to reapply for the next incarnation of this virtual experiment. We selected folks who had complementary talents and who we thought would be able to work well together under such odd circumstances.

These four artists–two teams of two–who have never met each other, will collaborate on projects around the theme "Levels of Undo". The Virtual Residency Project will run for three months, after which the two works will be presented at Location One in some form. We've also set up a blog, which is to serve as a laboratory of sorts, where the ideas will bubble and boil, publicly. Check it out at http://vres.location1.org. Public discussion is encouraged and we hope you will add your voice to the development of this project. To see the initial call for participation, see http://www.location1.org/virtual-residency-project/

And...The four artists are:

ursula endlicherUrsula Endlicher - http://ursenal.net
Ursula is an Austrian artist based in New York. Her work bridges performance, installation, and the internet in deeply clever and humorous ways. She's an experienced collaborator who's worked with a number of different artists on many projects and we thought she'd bring a solid foundation of web-based art and virtual performance to the project.
ben woodesonBen Woodeson - http://www.woodeson.co.uk/
Ben is a British sculptor who violates safety codes using electromagnets, surveillance devices, audio, morse code, and subversive wit. We thought his versatility as an artist and techie would be a good combination. He's in London.
narinda reedersNarinda Reeders - http://www.narindareeders.net
Narinda is a self-proclaimed "bona-fide nerd", multi-media and performance artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She's involved with an ongoing collaborative performance team called Hit and Miss and is an experienced programmer. Also she's done time in the corporate world so we figured she could get along with anyone.
jessica curryJessica Curry - http://www.jessicacurry.co.uk
Jessica is a classically trained composer and sound artist based in Brighton, UK whose work spans a broad range of media including experimental games and Second Life projects, installations, and film. Her work draws together traditional instrumentation and digital/virtual worlds in a way that is smart and moving.

The teams are Ben/Ursula and Jessica/Narinda -- please check back often to watch the development of this exciting virtual experiment.

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