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Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović

Marina has created the Abramović Studio here; she and our other artists will collaborate and present new works of performance art.

Nayland Blake

After last year's hugely popular retrospective, Nayland will be back to interact again with us.

Joan Jonas

Widely acclaimed at this year's Venice Biennale, Joan returns to us to exhibit, and share a wonderful view of the world.

Carolee Schneemann

Painter, sculptor, performance artist and feminist icon. Carolee is senior artist in residence this year, making new work, mentoring and sharing perspective.

Keith Sonnier

Pre-eminent sculptor of light and color, and one of our board members, Keith will give us a unique look at how he works in his studio.

Richard Bell

Australia's leading – and most controversial – Aboriginal artist is now exhibiting in our main gallery. He'll be here all year, doing new work and finding ways to provoke our thinking.

Lucy Skaer

Short-listed for the 2009 Turner Prize, Lucy will work here all year, and will share the thinking behind her deeply thoughtful new work.

And our International Artists-in-Residence

Adel Abidin (Finland), Tomomi Adachi (Japan), Alexandra Mota de Aguiar (Portugal), Wojtek Doroszuk (Poland), Mattias Ericsson (Sweden), Lyra Abueg Garcellano (Philippines), Jesse Jones (Ireland), Karolina Kowalska (Poland), Clare Stephenson (Scotland), Zhou Tao (China)


DINNER* Twice a year, after a major opening, we invite 100 artists, writers, curators, art professionals and other interesting people to a private dinner at the home of Location One executive director Claire Montgomery. You're invited.

SALON* Three times a year, Claire and Claudia invite major artists and art-world figures to take part in lively conversation (and a glass of wine) with board members. You're invited.

WORKS* From time to time, artists contribute pieces of their work to help support our work. They're offered first to board members.

PREVIEW Get the first look at every Location One exhibition at these VIP-only receptions.

STUDIO Let a major artist show you around his/her studio and talk to you about current work and ideas, with a Location One curator as your guide.

COLLECTION Let a major collector show you around his/her home and tell you the stories behind the collection, with a Location One curator as your guide.

GALLERY There are 600 galleries in New York. Let a Location One curator show you eight or nine exhibitions that are particularly worth your attention.

LUNCH Join us for lunch in our studios as our fellows, curators, artists in residence discuss their work and their ideas.

PORTFOLIO Join us for a glass of wine as each of our artists show his/her portfolio and discuss the work with a curator or critic.

OPEN Visit all our artists in residence in their studios and see the projects they are working on during their stays in New York.

PUBLICATION Receive a copy of all of any new book or exhibition catalog or DVD we publish.

PERSONAL We're always happy to help members arrange private meetings with our artists (schedules permitting).

*Curatorial Advisory Board member benefits

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Tuesday, October 27
Performing the Gallery/Performing the Museum: Jovana Stokić talks with Marina Abramović
Inauguration of Abramović Studio at Location One
(Free and open to the public)

Wednesday, November 11th
Artist Talk with Melissa Chiu and Richard Bell
(Free and open to the public)

Thursday, November 12th*
Cocktails and Conversation with Carolee Schneeman and Location One senior curator, Claudia Calirman at the home of Executive Director Claire Montgomery

Tuesday, November 17th
Claudia Calirman talks with Richard Bell and screens an Aboriginal Film.

Tuesday, December 1st
Visit the artists in their studios and share a glass of wine and conversation with a Location One curator and other board members.

Tuesday, December 8th*
Cocktails and Conversation with Richard Bell and Location One senior curator, Claudia Calirman at the home of Executive Director Claire Montgomery

*Curatorial Advisory Board member events

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Just send an e-mail to advisoryboard@location1.org and we'll arrange the method most convenient for you. This season we initiate two new membership groups: We invite art enthusiasts and art professionals alike to join one of our two advisory boards. We intend both to be moderate in their size and hands-on in their orientation. We emphasize the word “advisory.” Chief curator Claudia Calirman and programs director Steve Cukierski will be asking members for their views on some of our programs.


Co-Chairs: Laura Skoler and Claudia Calirman
The curator's advisory board is intended for people who welcome a high level of exposure to and interaction with artists and the artistic process.
Membership in the Curatorial Advisory Board is $2500 (tax-deductible).


Co-Chairs: Raj Moorjani and Steve Cukierski
The Studio Advisory Board is designed for enthusiasts and professionals who'd like a broad range of opportunities for exposure to our artists and their work. Membership in the Studio Advisory Board is $1000 (tax-deductible).