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A Project by Lucy Skaer

Experimental new work from acclaimed Turner Prize finalist

Location One is proud to present important new work in 16mm film and sculpture from Lucy Skaer, the young Scottish artist shortlisted for the 2009 Turner Prize and recently featured at the Venice Biennale and the Berlin Biennial.
Lucy Skaer

Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 6–8 PM
DATES: 16 September – 16 October 2010
HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 12–6 PM
ARTIST TALK: Friday, Sept 24, 2010, 7pm with Chrissie Iles, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator, Whitney Museum

Skaer’s practice explores the relationship between viewer and image, altering normal processes of interpretation to create ruptures between what is seen and what is understood. Her new work comprises 16mm films depicting important cultural artifacts from different periods of time. Skaer physically alters the film prints to create voids and effects that intervene on both the timeline and the picture. Accompanying the films are sculptures that correspond both to the qualities of the original artifacts and her interruptions in the film.

Gilda Williams, Editor for Contemporary Art at Phaidon Press, London and correspondent for Artforum, says about Skaer: “everything is in a perpetual state of instability and in- betweeness”. Lucy uses a remarkable intellect and extraordinary skills to create rules in order to break their inner logic, challenging the viewer to question traditional ways of perception.

This is Skaer’s first solo project in New York. The work was developed during Skaer’s recently concluded year as an international fellow at Location One.

About the Artist: Lucy Skaer is a visual artist working in sculpture, painting, film, video and installation. Her many international exhibitions include the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 and the 5th Berlin Biennale in 2008. She is currently showing at Forum 65 at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, K21 in Dusseldorf and Elle at the Centre Georges Pompidou. She works collaboratively with the artist group Henry VIII’s Wives and with Rosalind Nashashibi as Nashashibi/Skaer. Born in Cambridge in 1975, she holds a BA Hons Fine Arts from Glasgow School of Art

We are grateful to the International Committee of Location One and The New York State Council on the Arts, and The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs for making this exhibition and the artist’s residency possible. Lucy Skaer is represented by doggerfisher, Edinburgh and Murray Guy, New York.

NY State Council on the Arts NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs


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